[lxc-users] Error while trying to create/start unprivilege containers/ Bug report ?

Andrey Repin anrdaemon at yandex.ru
Sun May 15 00:16:46 UTC 2016

Greetings, Fajar A. Nugraha!

> To clarify:
> - use latest minor version if you need 14.04 (e.g. 14.04.4, and run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade afterwards)

I would suggest 'apt-get dist-upgrade'.

> - uninstall any remains of cgmanager (libcgmanager0 is fine though, don't uninstall it) or libpam-systemd 
> - use https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-lxc/+archive/ubuntu/lxc-stable , install lxc

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, May 15, 2016 03:15:33

Sorry for my terrible english...

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