[lxc-devel] Putting man pages on website?

Trent W. Buck twb at cybersource.com.au
Fri Feb 18 01:50:15 UTC 2011

Rob Landley <rlandley at parallels.com> writes:

> On 02/16/2011 11:23 PM, Trent W. Buck wrote:
>> PS: instead of HTML=$(echo $i | sed 's/\.sgml\.in$/.html/') try
>> HTML="${i%.sgml.in}.html".  See PATTERN SUBSTITUTIONS in the bash
>> manpage, though this is POSIX portable sh.
> Last I checked Ubuntu's Defective Annoying SHell didn't support that
> construct, but I believe make's patsubst should be portable enough.

It's not Ubuntu's:

    $ man dash <&- | grep -A4 HISTORY
         dash is a POSIX-compliant implementation of /bin/sh that aims
         to be as small as possible.  dash is a direct descendant of the
         NetBSD version of ash (the Almquist SHell), ported to Linux in
         early 1997.  It was renamed to dash in 2002.

It does work:

    $ dash -c 'x=foo.bar.baz; echo $x ${x%.*} ${x%%.*} ${x#*.} ${x##*.}'
    foo.bar.baz foo.bar foo bar.baz baz

Named traps don't work in dash, and echo -n is provided.  AFAIK, dash is
otherwise compatible with POSIX 2008:


See also posh (Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell).

If you want bash, bloody well use a bash shebang.

> I'm a little reluctant to add a URL to the makefile because the rest of
> the build doesn't currently require network access, but I don't see a
> better alternative...

You don't need to make it part of the default "make; make install"
sequence.  Just put it there, and IF people want HTML, they can run
"make html" as well.  (Also, if you meet the dependencies locally, you
don't need network access -- I think.)

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