[lxc-users] LXD launch fails

CLOSE Dave Dave.Close at us.thalesgroup.com
Wed May 17 00:59:19 UTC 2017

Trying to run LXD on Fedora (25) using instructions from

   # dnf copr enable ganto/lxd
   # dnf install lxd lxd-client lxd-tools
   # usermod -a -G lxd <user>
   # echo "root:1000000:65536" >> /etc/subuid
   # echo "root:1000000:65536" >> /etc/subgid
   # systemctl enable lxd && systemctl start lxd
   # lxd init
   $ lxc image list images:
   $ lxc launch images:fedora/24

Instructions modified to handle the company proxy per

   # lxc config set core.proxy_http http://squid01.internal:3128
   # lxc config set core.proxy_https http://squid01.internal:3128
   # lxc config set core.proxy_ignore_hosts image-server.local

(All values shown per the original pages. I modified them to use a valid
user name and the correct local proxy.)

Everything works /except/ the launch command. I can list the images
available so I'm getting through the proxy and accessing the correct
site. But the launch reports,

   $ lxc launch images:fedora/25
   Creating joint-hamster
   Retrieving image: metadata: 100% (1.80GB/s)
   error: Unable to fetch https://images.linuxcontainers.org/images/fedora
     503 Service Unavailable

Is the service actually running (I've seen this result for 24 hours)? Am
I making some other mistake?
Dave Close, Thales InFlyt Experience, Irvine California USA.
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