[lxc-users] change 'lxc [cmd]' to 'lxd [comd]' (for LXD)

gunnar.wagner gunnar.wagner at netcologne.de
Tue Apr 18 08:34:49 UTC 2017

just saw it again ....

'lxc-[cmd]'   (LXC Containers)   vs
'lxc [cmd]'   (LXD Containers)

it would be so much less confusing whether LXD would just use   'lxd 
[cmd]'   instead of   'lxc [cmd]'   syntax

- Am I (being a total novice and all) alone with this thought?
- any benefit from the current   'lxc [cmd]'   command syntax for LXD 

just wondering. Maybe it's an age-old discussion here but as someone 
diving new into this ... it hits you right in the face

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