[lxc-users] undefined symbol: current_config on custom-compiled lxc2

Nikolay Borisov kernel at kyup.com
Mon Jul 18 13:17:48 UTC 2016

Hello List,

So I tried compiling boh lxc 2.0 from github as well as the 2.0.3 stable
package from the web page. Everything went fine:

 - compiler: gcc
 - distribution: centos
 - init script type(s): sysvinit
 - rpath: no
 - GnuTLS: no
 - Bash integration: yes

Security features:
 - Apparmor: no
 - Linux capabilities: yes
 - seccomp: yes
 - SELinux: yes
 - cgmanager: no

 - lua: yes
 - python3: yes

 - examples: yes
 - API documentation: yes
 - user documentation: yes

 - tests: no
 - mutex debugging: no

 - Logs in configpath: no

However, when I try running lxc-create or lxc-start I get the following
error: lxc-start: symbol lookup error: lxc-start: undefined symbol:
current_config. Ldd on the lxc-ls binary shows that all libraries are
resolved. This is on centos 6.7 box with 4.4 kernel. Any ideas?

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