[lxc-users] LXD containers with dual nic

steve at linuxsuite.org steve at linuxsuite.org
Mon Jul 11 13:52:53 UTC 2016

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to configure a LXD container with two nics but the second one
> cannot reach the external network. Here is my config:
> Both IP addresses are statically configured in the container, the first in
> the subnet and the second in the subnet. The first
> nic
> works well, I can ssh from external network. The second one can ping only
> the LXD host address and viceversa. The LXD host address can ping everyone
> on the network.

                What do you mean by "statically configured in the

                At least on 1.08 this not necessary, and is probably a bad

               the entry in the container config should be enough..


> What's wrong in my config? Any suggestion?
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