[lxc-users] Building custom LXC templates

Xavier Gendre gendre.reivax at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 09:37:34 UTC 2016

>> Yes but you can run it in a VM where you have superuser privileges. The
>> goal is simply to obtain the two files meta.tar.xz and rootfs.tar.xz.
> Oh, I see. I was under the impression that I would get a template
> script, similar to what exists under /usr/share/lxc/templates. Are those
> hand-written?

I don't know but you can modify them by hand in order to adapt the 
templates to your needs.

>> What do you mean by "this [...] builds LXC"?
> The "build-image" script appears to clone, configure and make LXC from
> some repository, instead of using the system version. This is probably
> the right thing to do for CI of LXC itself, but not for downstream users.

Ok, I understand. Yes, this is the way these tools work. I don't really 
care about that because I run all this stuff in a VM just to obtain the 
above files. If the script wants to build some stuff, it is ok for me 
;-) But you are right, there should be some easier way.


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