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enrico stano enricostn at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 16:24:01 UTC 2016


I have a really simple Ubuntu Trusty LXC container and I noticed that while
creating it from the standard ubuntu LXC template it uses the same locales
as its host.

This seems really weird to me since I expect that the container should be
as agnostic as possible from the host.

What did I try?

Host: Arch Linux kernel 4.4.5
Container: Ubuntu 14.04

Host: Lubuntu kernel 3.5
Container: Ubuntu 14.04

in the first case I only have en_US.UTF8 as locale in the host, didn't
noticed anything weird in LXC.

In the other case the host has es_ES.UTF8, some on the LXC container right
after the lxc-create command.

Ho can I assure that every time the container has en_US.UTF8 or any other
standard as locale?

In the configuration file man I didn't find anything related to locales.

Many thanks!



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