[lxc-users] Graphics and sound with LXD

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> Re: Graphics and sound with LXD
 >Thanks for that.  The commands you mentioned were posted by Pete 
Osborne in a response to me on >03/11. I haven't been able to use them 
successfully, but I will now try your method.

 >Since one can apply multiple profiles to a container, I am trying to 
create a "GUI profile" that I can apply to any container that requires 
it. My containers are unpriviledged, so I don't know if any of this will 
work. It would be great to get some guidance from the devs.

 >In the original lxc article, the config was something like:

  >lxc.mount.entry = /dev/dri dev/dri none bind,optional,create=dir

 >Are the "bind,optional,create=dir" params implied in your config? If 
not, where are they set?

X works perfectly with this setup on an unprivileged container. In 
answer to your question I did not have to do any other settings for it 
to work "out of the box", only the things mentioned in my previous post. 
I don't know if maybe in the background lxd is implementing the 
"bind,optional,create=dir" params invisibly but that is all I had to do. 
Pulse is another thing though, still working on that. Found this 
https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/579 though that gives some clues as to 
how privileges can be corrected for pulse. I am still studying and 
experimenting with it as it is, at the moment, somewhat over my head. 
Also it seems that legacy lxc configs can be implemented by doing the 

    |name: homebind config: *raw.lxc: |* lxc.mount.entry = /home/tribaal
    home/tribaal none bind 0 0 devices: {} |

I have played with importing the regular user into the container via 
lxc.id_map to work around pulse permissions with some promise but so far 
not successful.

Hope someone else that knows more than me can help us out with this.

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