[lxc-users] Networking not working in unconfined overlayfs container

Frederico Araujo araujof at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 21:17:14 UTC 2015


I've been using LXC for over two years without problems. This week, I
upgraded my Ubuntu from Trusty to Vivid, and I noticed that my overlayfs
containers stopped getting IP assigned. In my machine the error can be
reproduced in this way:

1. lxc-create -n base -t ubuntu
2. Edit ubuntu/config to add  lxc.aa_profile = unconfined
3. lxc-clone -s -B overlayfs ubuntu tmp
4. lxc-start -n tmp -d
5. lxc-ls -f shows:

NAME                       STATE    IPV4        IPV6  GROUPS  AUTOSTART
tmp                        RUNNING  - *(no IP)*   -     -       NO
ubuntu                     STOPPED  -           -     -       NO

Interestingly, I don't run into this issue when running the container in
confined mode (without lxc.aa_profile = unconfined). I checked past threads
in this list and in launchpad, and noticed that some people had problems
with overlayfs when upgrading to vivid, but it seems that these problems
were fixed in LXC 1.1 release. I'm running on LXC 1.1.2.

Any thoughts?

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