[lxc-users] running NFS and cifs in a container.

Mohan G mohan_gg at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 3 08:34:37 UTC 2015

Thanks Fajar,My intention is to run 2 container , one serving as a NFS mount and the other a CIFS share. I could live a bind mount for to export these mount points. ( imagine mounting 2 file system mounts on the host). Now i want NFS/cifs client to talk to this share which are in individual containers, ( the point is to contain their other resrources (mem,cpu). (NFS and CIFS kernel componenets can be on the host side).I am worried about all the user level components like AD swicth or nfs name to uid resolution service using user level config or etc files, will it appear saem on the conatiner too. 

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> Hi Folks.
> can anyone point me to material/docs on running NFS /CIFS inside a
> container.

Short version:
- if you mean nfs/cifs client, the recommended way if for the HOST to
mount it (e.g. directly on

- if you mean nfs kernel server, then containers are not designed to
run that. You could work around it using lxc.aa_profile=unconfined,
but some functions might still be broken (e.g. on my test "showmount
-a" doesn't show connected clients)

- userland cifs server (e.g. samba) should work just fine inside container

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