[lxc-users] macvlan networking

Adam Gold awg1 at gmx.com
Mon Sep 15 09:36:41 UTC 2014

> No, it shouldn't be the same.
> br0 -> bridge (on host)
> bond0 -> bond interface, which has eth0 as slave (on host)
> vethXXX -> veth interface for the container (on host)
> eth0 (on container) -> the pair of vethXXX on host
> Unless I misunderstood something?

This is correct except a minor point which is bond0 has enslaved the
host's two NICs, eth0 and eth1

>>  I tried removing all of the -i sections
>> but still no luck :(
>> Here's the strange thing: if I set up the host to forward to a container
>> on the lxcbr0 interface / internal network it works fine.  However
> ... because the container uses the host as its gateway


>> forwarding from a dual public/private interfaced container to a private
>> container doesn't work.
> Does the private container use the private interface of the
> dual-interface container as gateway?
> If not, then it wont work.

Oh man, I'm holding my head low in shame!!  When I was using the host as
the forwarder it's IP on the private lxcbr0 interface was the gateway
for the containers.  When I set up ct1, the dual-interface forwarder, I
forgot to change the gateway on ct2 to the private ip of ct1.  What a
trivial mistake but nevertheless, thanks so much for helping me track it

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