[lxc-users] Routable host IPs for containers

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sun Sep 14 12:11:53 UTC 2014

This is probably dumb and asked a 1000 times before but I am totally
confused by various tutorials that are either to old or do not apply
to exactly my particular needs. For the purpose of ongoing/endless
testing I'd like containers to be given an IP in the same network
range via DHCP and my WIFI (wlan0) interface.

Most examples presume an eth0 interface but that does not exist for
my day to day laptop workstation.

. router via laptop wlan0
. kubuntu 14.10 gets

A ubuntu uptopic container currently gets via the lxcbr0
bridge with a gateway of I can ping the outside world so
the default ubuntu lxc networking system works just fine. I've tried
a variety of combinations of br0 bridges and iptables rules but the
right combination to "simply" allow a container to get another DHCP
IP from my router on the same network as my main WIFI link so I can
access those containers from other computers on the same

Any tutorials or hints on how to do this?

Maybe it's not possible for containers to appear on the same /24
network as the host so surely there must be a "common" way to at least
allow containers to be visible to other hosts on the same network segment?

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