[Lxc-users] Alternative to Debian Testing? No Prompt upon lxc-console execution

Terry--gmail terry.kemmerer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 01:12:55 UTC 2012

My problem is, I need squeeze in my containers and if anyone knows of a 
path for doing this that has
some good instructions, I'd really appreciate knowing where that is.

This is my first query to the mail list and if I am not suppose to ask a 
Debian Testing question,
please let me know...

So far, the only way I have found that offers squeeze, is using Debian 
Testing, which appears to work
just fine, and I can ping the container both from my host and my LAN, 
but...when I try to enter the
container via lxc-console, it doesn't take me to the container's prompt 
command line....the situation
looks to me like probably a simple programming syntax error of some 
kind. Below is what happens...

root at server:/# lxc-start -n vm101 -d
root at server:/# lxc-info -n vm101
state:   RUNNING
pid:      7103
root at server:/# lxc-console -n vm101

Type <Ctrl+a q> to exit the console

*<<----- There is no Prompt here, and all that is visible is the above 
instruction...and I can type stuff.
                 However, by pressing **<Ctrl+a q> I am immediately 
returned to my host prompt, like so...*

root at server:/#
root at server:/# lxc-info -n vm101
state:   RUNNING
pid:      7103
root at server:/#

I tried nano /usr/bin/lxc-console hoping to be able to find the 
offending program line as I speculate it is near or at the echoed 
instruction, but opening the program I think I am seeing binary 
characters in the file.  I was wondering (wishful hoping) if there are 
any potential commands I might use to just break past the point that 
hangs after I give the lxc-console command and get a prompt that belongs 
to the container? Or some other route to obtaining squeeze...

Thanks for your thoughts!

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