[Lxc-users] fedora 16 under lxc

Ramez Hanna rhanna at informatiq.org
Tue Feb 14 13:51:30 UTC 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 10:34 PM, Ramez Hanna <rhanna at informatiq.org> wrote:
> hei
> I have been able to get some form of f16 under lxc running but some quirks
> so steps (untill i make a patch or a new script)
> use the current lxc-fedora to create a container
> chroot into the rootfs
> unlink /etc/systemd/system/default.target
> ln -s /lib/systemd/system/multi-user.target /etc/systemd/system/default.target
> touch /etc/fstab
> now that should in theory work
> my setup is a KVM guest with lxc installed
> i'm using VM-manager so i get to see the ttys while i start the
> container from ssh
> in fedora the tty1 is empty
> i make sure i have tty1 visible
> start the container from an ssh session using the -d flag
> looking at the tty1 of the VM
> i can see the console log from the lxc container
> so 1st quirk: i only get the container output on tty1 of the host (kvm
> guest) and not from the lxc-console
> lxc-console is blank
> when i installed ssh inside the container i was able to access it and
> use it nicely
> only had 2 services failing
> systemd-kmsg-syslogd.service
> plymouth-start.service
> any hints on how does lxc-console work to help me figure it out
> also agetty on tty* keeps restarting (maybe that's why no lxc-console)
> anyoe interested in trying it out?
> --
> BR
> RH
> http://informatiq.org

now all my efforts have not succeedd to get getty on tty1 to start
unmasking udev did something different
it created all the /dev devices
and made getty start but it started on the hosts's tty not on the container's
could someone shed some light here?


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