[Lxc-users] Live Migration of LXC

Sagar Dixit sagar.dixit at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 03:07:27 UTC 2010

Hi Daniel,

Firstly, thanks for such a detailed response. However, I am still not clear
on few issues.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 4:30 PM, Daniel Lezcano <daniel.lezcano at free.fr>wrote:

> Sagar Dixit wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I read on libvirt website that it supports LXC. Just curious to know if I
>> can use libvirt live migration APIs with LXCs to migrate them from one
>> machine to other ?
> There is a confusion the word LXC. Libvirt took this name at the same time
> the lxc tools were developed.
> The lxc tools are standalone userspace commands to use the containers. The
> LXC in libvirt is coded inside, without an external component

(maybe someone, one day will create a driver for the lxc tools, who knows
> ...).

So what does the LXC code in libvirt exactly do ?  Sorry, but I did not get
" is coded inside, without external component"

> The checkpoint / restart (aka migration, live migration, etc ...) is not
> mainstream, so it is not implemented in the libvirt.
> There will be available a kernel patchset in a few weeks making possible to
> do live migration with the lxc userspace tools (not libvirt), with some
> restrictions.
> In the same time, there is another checkpoint / restart kernel patchset on
> the way asking for mainstream inclusion and there are some patchset for lxc
> to integrate this implementation.
> So within 2/3 months, we should have lxc with 2 checkpoint/restart
> solutions embedded in it.

Is there currently, facility provided by LXC tools (userspace) to checkpoint
and restart ?


> Thanks
>  -- Daniel
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