[Lxc-users] default route within container

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Sat Mar 20 20:17:36 UTC 2010

Dobrica Pavlinusic wrote:
> I have started migrating my OpenVZ containers to LXC[1] and enjoyed ability
> to specify IP address in configuration file using lxc.network.ipv4.
> However, there is no way to specify default route.
> I found lxc_route_create_default in src/lxc/network.h but there doesn't seem
> to be implementation of it. Am I missing something?

No, you are right, it is not implemented yet.
This is something planned but it didn't had time.

> Thanks for great work, and I hope that my re-iteration on idea "how to
> start/stop containers under Debian" below might be useful to someone:
> 1: http://blog.rot13.org/2010/03/lxc-watchdog_missing_bits_for_openvz_-_linux_containers_migration.html

Cool thanks for the pointer.

I think I will merge soon the patch:


so watchdog will be no longer needed.

I am at present working on making possible to enter the container (needs 
a kernel patch) and specify image file for rootfs.

  -- Daniel

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