[Lxc-users] starting a container causes Xorg to consume 100% cpu

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Tue Jun 22 17:17:57 UTC 2010

On 06/22/2010 07:05 PM, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> On 06/22/2010 06:55 PM, Jon Nordby wrote:
>> On 22 June 2010 17:32, Stuart Nixon<stuart at rednut.net>   wrote:
>>> Hello LXCers
>>> When ever I start a lxc container the hosts Xorg process starts
>>> consuming 100% cpu time.
>>> Is this a known issue? Are there any work-arounds to avoid this behaviour?
>> I can reproduce this issue on a container (with separate rootfs) which
>> does not even have
>> pts, tty or networking set up. gettys in the container are commented
>> out, of course. This is on 2.6.34 with lxc 0.7.0
>> It also leaves me unable to switch ttys in the host. Shutting down the
>> container does not fix the problem, I have to kill X for it to go back
>> to normal.
> The problem does no longer occur since I upgraded to ubuntu 10.04, what
> is your distro ? I am not suggesting you have to upgrade ;)

Correction, I just got it again :)

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