[Lxc-users] Can't start a 2nd container with 0.6.5

Brian K. White brian at aljex.com
Sun Jan 24 18:27:15 UTC 2010

Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> Brian K. White wrote:
>> Brian K. White wrote:
>>> However, now when I go to make a 2nd container, I can't start it.
>>> I can create it, but not execute or start.
>> Well I'm more boggled now.
>> I stopped my first container nj12.
>> lxc-ls shows nothing, screen -ls shows nothing, mount shows nothing 
>> extra, yet trying to start nj13 still fails, and trying to start nj12 
>> still succeeds.
>> I can't find anything functionally different between nj12 and nj13...
>> What could I be missing???
> Yep, there is a problem with the pivot root and the umount of the 
> different mount point in the old rootfs.
> This problem appears with some configuration (I didn't figure out which 
> one yet), I did a hot fix, which is more a workaround than a real fix, 
> (I didnt't understand where is coming the real problem).
> As soon as I find the culprit, I will release a 0.6.6 version to fix 
> that as the 0.6.5 is bogus.
> In the meantime, if you wish to test, I attached the patch to this email.
> Thanks for reporting the problem.
>  -- Daniel

Thanks. Seems to be working. Both containers start up , run , shutdown 
ok. I'm still working on my install/setup procedures so I don't have a 
3rd or more containers to test yet.

Downgrading to 0.6.3 worked also. I didn't try 0.6.4, no particular 
reason, just 0.6.3 is what comes stock with my OS.

I'm running 0.6.5 for now as long as it works.

Thanks much!

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