[Lxc-users] Can not start containers using latest tools from the git

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 15:28:12 UTC 2010

> I think the problem is coming from the /dev/shm tmpfs directory is
> overwritten by the next udev tmpfs mount.
> So the lxc code finds, in /proc/mounts, the /dev/shm mount point and tries
> to unmount it, but this one is not visible yet because /dev has to be
> unmounted before.
> This is something to be fixed before the 0.6.5 release.
> But I think the /dev/shm mount point is useless and IMO you can comment it
> from your /fstab and check if the container starts.

The container did not start without /dev/shm either.

Actually I did not have /dev/shm mounted or in my /etc/fstab until
Michael Warfield suggested he had a similar problem caused when
/dev/shm was mounted so I tried to see if toggling between mounted and
not mounted caused it to work at least 1 time.

I have not had this issue with 0.6.4 or 0.6.3 in the few hours (6 to
12) I have tested each.


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