[Lxc-users] Hosting for pre-built lxc containers

Bodhi Zazen bodhi.zazen at montanalinux.org
Sat Feb 6 00:28:20 UTC 2010

I would like to introduce myself to the lxc-users mailing list. I currently use OpenVZ but I am very interested in learning lxc.

I am finding it to be a difficult transition and it is difficult to find pre built containers. Building one from scratch takes some patience.

Along those lines ...

I have built a fedora 12 container and am hosting it on my server :


As time allows I will add containers for ubuntu (lucid) and probably rawhide, i686 and x64_86.

The server is fast and I have available space and would like to offer space for hosting containers others may wish to contribute.

I also posted two blogs re: building fedora 12 / rawhide containers as well as ubuntu lucid.


I hope I did not mangle them too much =)

As time allows I will add additional instructions.

Is there any interest in reviewing on ling guides and posting a list of how to's ? I am aware of a few links, but if the group has a list of links I would be willing to convert them to html format and perhaps the list could then be uploaded in a public place ?

As time allows I am in #lxcontainers and lxc-devel

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