[cgmanager-devel] getTasks method

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 15 21:21:28 UTC 2014

One method which somehow never made it into my design is nrtasks, to
return the list of tasks in the container.

For the non-scm, same-pidns version, this could return a dbus array
of int32s.  For the scm version, I only see two possibilities.  The
potentially insecure one involves sending an fd for the open tasks
file over SCM.  The client can then read the file, which should have
pids translated to the client's pidns.

The other possibility, which I'll go with unless I hear better ideas,
is to send back to the client (which is the proxy) (1) an integer n saying
how many tasks there are, followed by n scm_creds to send the pids,
which will be translated en route by the kernel.

Any other ideas?


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