[lxc-users] Maybe dir storage can be a good choice for me?

Narcis Garcia debianlists at actiu.net
Sat Sep 5 18:01:33 UTC 2020

I don't know if answer from here is easy to manage:


... and what is the path to implement for each container.

Narcis Garcia

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El 5/9/20 a les 13:34, Carl Lei ha escrit:
> Thank you, indeed I forgot about quota.  I use xfs in most cases, a
> project quota may be enough; but seems I would have to manage that
> manually somehow.
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> *主题:* Re: [lxc-users] Maybe dir storage can be a good choice for me?
> I use 'dir' backend for most of VPS I create, because of simple free
> space sharing at host.
> Biggest disadvantage I see in current LXC versions is that I can't limit
> disk space quota per container.
> Note: I use unprivileged LXC containers without LXD in the host's Ext4
> filesystem.
> To separate privileges, I assign different subUID:subGID ranges per each
> container, but I don't know how to use this to apply disk space quotas.

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