[lxc-users] limits.memory - possible to set per group of containers?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Jun 18 00:47:19 UTC 2019

Let's say I have a host with 32 GB RAM.

To make sure the host is not affected by any weird memory consumption 
patterns, I've set the following in the container:

   limits.memory: 29GB

This works quite well - where previously, several processes with high 
memory usage, forking rapidly (a forkbomb to test, but also i.e. a 
supervisor in normal usage) running in the container could make the host 
very slow or even unreachable - with the above setting, everything (on 
the host) is just smooth no matter what the container does.

However, that's just with one container.

With two (or more) containers having "limits.memory: 29GB" set - it's 
easy for each of them to consume i.e. 20 GB, leading to host 

Is it possible to set a global, or per-container group "limits.memory: 

For example, if I add "MemoryMax=29G" to 
/etc/systemd/system/snap.lxd.daemon.service - would I achieve a desired 

Tomasz Chmielewski

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