[lxc-users] Does cpu cgroup has been enabled in lxc/lxd

Fajar A. Nugraha list at fajar.net
Fri Nov 2 12:05:44 UTC 2018

On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 8:44 AM, kemi <kemi.wang at intel.com> wrote:

> thx for your question.
> In our case, our customers want to run android games within containers on
> cloud.

It might be possible for you to adjust https://anbox.io/ to run on lxd
instead of lxc. YMMV.

There are two problems we have known.
> The first one occurs during Android OS boot, the coldboot of Android
> requires to
> write uevent file in /sys, this will trigger an uevent broadcast to all of
> listeners
> (udev daemons) in user space (this uevent is sent from kernel via
> netlink),
> with the increase of container number (200+), we found the boot latency
> has
> reached 1~2 mins. And latency would be intolerable when the number reaches
> 500.
I don't see udev running inside it's lxc container, so perhaps they've
managed to solve that issue

The second one occurs when an app in container begins to run, it will read
> /sys/devices/system/cpu/online file to get avilable cpu number before
> creating
> threads accordingly. Then. the problem is,  sysfs now is shared with host,
> it will get the CPU number equals to host thread number even if the cpu
> number
> of container is limited.
If it simply reads the file, you could simply mount a text file on it.
Similar to what lxcfs does, but simpler.

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