[lxc-users] root device isn't being inherited on ZFS storage pool

Joshua Schaeffer jschaeffer0922 at gmail.com
Wed May 31 16:27:56 UTC 2017

I've recently switch from using BTRFS to ZFS backend, and my containers on
the ZFS backend aren't inheriting the root device from my default profile:

    lxduser at raynor:~$ lxc config show fenix
    architecture: x86_64
    devices: {}
    ephemeral: false
    - default
    - 30_vlan_mgmt_server

The default profile, which the container is using has the root device with
a pool specified:

    lxduser at raynor:~$ lxc profile show default
    config: {}
    description: Default LXD profile
        path: /
        pool: lxdpool
        type: disk
    name: default

But the container isn't showing a root device (or any device for that
matter), and I get an error when I try to set a size limit on the root
device for that container:

    lxduser at raynor:~$ lxc config device set fenix root size 50G
    error: The device doesn't exist

Is there a ZFS property that has to be set to get it to inherit the device?
I was able to successfully create the root device on another container, but
I don't want to create the device on each container, I just want to set it
on the profile. I'm on LXD 2.13. Here is my storage device:

    lxduser at raynor:~$ lxc storage list
    |  NAME   | DRIVER | SOURCE  | USED BY |
    | lxdpool | zfs    | lxdpool | 15      |

Joshua Schaeffer
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