[lxc-users] instantiate_veth: 2669 failed to attach 'vethMU7OO1' to the bridge

Rick Leir rleir at leirtech.com
Sun May 28 22:58:04 UTC 2017

On 2017-05-28 02:37 PM, Mike Wright wrote:
> On 05/28/2017 10:46 AM, Rick Leir wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry for being so terse in the last post. It has been a year since I
>> used LXC, and everything worked easily then.  Now, with a new Fedora 26
>> system, it is not straightforward. How would you troubleshoot this?
>> # brctl show
>> bridge name    bridge id        STP enabled    interfaces
>> virbr0        8000.525400c7428b    yes        virbr0-nic
>> # lxc-checkconfig
>> <all enabled>
>> # lxc-create -n crowdsr -t fedora
>> # lxc-start -n crowdsr -F
>> lxc-start: conf.c: instantiate_veth: 2669 failed to attach 'vethMU7OO1'
>> to the bridge 'lxcbr0': Operation not permitted
> brctl shows only virbr0; you are trying to attach to lxcbr0 which, 
> apparently, doesn't exist.  I thought lxc created that but you can add 
> it with
>   brctl addbr lxcbr0
Thanks so much for this. It led me to virsh and eventually to the Fedora 
doco at

which is where I should have searched first. After I start libvirtd, it 
tells me to:
   Edit the file /etc/lxc/default.conf and change the parameter 
'lxc.network.link' from 'lxcbr0' to 'virbr0':

Then I can create and start a container successfully. Woo woo
cheers -- Rick

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