[lxc-users] IPv6-only Bridge?

Thomas Ward teward at ubuntu.com
Sun May 28 19:45:02 UTC 2017

I'm trying to set up IPv6 bridging so that I can get my IPv6 addresses
working properly on containers so they can just *get* IPv6 addresses
that work, either by static assignment or dynamic.

Attempting to set a bridge breaks host routing for IPv4, and I'm stuck
on using the serial console to get in.  Is there a way to achieve an
IPv6-only bridge to the LXD container(s), that can bridge IPv6 addresses
to an ethernet port without disrupting the IPv4 routing of the host?

(I currently use DNAT/SNAT/FORWARD rules on the host to route specific
IPv4 addresses' traffic via 1:1 NAT into individual containers, but I
need similar functionality with IPv6 and DNAT/SNAT doesn't work in IPv6)


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