[lxc-users] Args for lxd init via script

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sat May 27 05:04:17 UTC 2017

Just to complete this thread and kind of mark it [SOLVED] I got
back to getting this script(s) to 99% work after losing my entire
primary BTRFS drive because some typo set my boot partition to
"zfs_volume" (yikes!)


I know to the experts this is probably brainlessly simple but if
I had a working example like this months ago it would have saved
me a man-week of rtfm and testing... and a complete OS reinstall.

Thread summary and solution, lxd init itself accepts most of the
useful arguments so no need to independently add them in a script...

lxd init --auto \
   --network-address \
   --network-port 8443 \
   --storage-backend zfs \
   --storage-create-loop 50 \
   --storage-pool lxd-pool \
   --trust-password changeme

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