[lxc-users] Proper usage of fuidshift

Serge E. Hallyn serge at hallyn.com
Mon May 16 17:08:43 UTC 2016

Quoting Ronald Kelley (rkelleyrtp at gmail.com):
> Thanks for the fast reply.  
> Just for clarity, the values you used are pulled directly from the /etc/subuid file for the lxd user, correct?  We are looking into some system automation and want to make sure any new/copied container has the correct values.

They're taken from your email :)

If you just use the lxd image publish/export/import workflows then you
don't have to do any shifting yourself.

> Also, in what circumstance would you revert to the old values?

In the above, I was reverting so that I could then shift into the new

(I was wrong in my earlier email - you could use find+chown to shift
directly from the old to the new mapping, but you can't do that with

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