[lxc-users] Interacting with api websockets

Caleb Everett caleb at calebeverett.io
Mon May 2 18:27:17 UTC 2016

I've been trying to get the websockets for the operations endpoint working.
I was trying to submit a command to the exec endpoint
and then establish a websocket connection to interact with the command. I'm
probably missing something basic, but if anyone were willing to send me a
couple of links or some ideas about how to figure it out, that would be

My test case was to submit a command of "/bin/bash" with the "interactive":
true and "wait-for-websocket": true. When I hit the operations
endpoint I can see that the process running. When I open up a secure
websocket connection at this
endpoint using this
extension, the connection opens and I can send commands through, but
nothing ever comes back.

I also tried submitting a non-interactive command and opening up separate
connections for each of the 0, 1 and 2 secrets and then sending commands
through on the 0 connection to see if anything would come back on either
the 1 or 2 connection, but nothing came back.

I also tried establishing the connections with a snippet in the Chrome
console using the native browser Websocket
<https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebSockets_API> and also
via nodejs with the ws <https://github.com/websockets/ws> package, but
essentially got to the same place, which is opened connection, but not able
to get any response back.

I found this project <https://github.com/dobin/lxd-webgui> which connects a
javascript terminal to the streams, but I'd like to figure out how to
interact with the endpoints programatically.

What else do I need to do to be able to exchange information with the
websocket endpoints?  Also, what does the secret for "control" do?

Lastly, is this this right forum for these kinds of questions? If they are
too basic and I should be availing myself of alternative resources, I don't
want to be out of school.

Thank you,
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