[lxc-users] lxc image import: Could not extract image metadata.yaml from tar

tapczan tapczan at unx.pl
Tue Jul 26 19:18:16 UTC 2016


I'm trying to create custom LXC image. I've create root file system
tarball (rootfs.tar.xz - directly at its root) and meta tar ball:

# file meta.tar.xz
meta.tar.xz: XZ compressed data

# tar tf meta.tar.xz

metadata.yaml is at root in the archive

But import finished with error:

# lxc image import meta.tar.xz rootfs.tar.xz
Transferring image: 100%
error: Could not extract image metadata.yaml from tar: exit status 2
(tar: metadata.yaml: Not found in archive)

Any idea where to find any hint on this?

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