[lxc-users] Can‘t use lxc container as PXE server

Alex Barchiesi alex.barchiesi at garr.it
Fri Jul 22 16:00:28 UTC 2016

Mike Ziegner <Ziegner at ...> writes:

>     Hi,
>     my
>       problem is already described above. I
>       have a Debian Jessie host (lxc version 1.1.5-1~bpo8+1) running a
>       few containers. The containers with an apache webserver and a dhcp
>       server are doing fine. 
>       To a
>       tftpd-hpa server in a third container I can only connect from the
>       lxc
>       host.
>       Please
>       help.

Hi Mike, 
I faced a similar issue with Ubuntu 16.

The problem was related to the lack of the trace kernel module for the 
In a few words:
be sure to have in the LXC host machine the following modules loaded: 

then be sure to use iptables to MASQUERADE the traffic.
In the nat table of the host something like:
-A POSTROUTING -d <your destination net> -j MASQUERADE

In case something is not clear feel free to contact me adding the result of 
a tcpdump on the container and the hosts involved during the transaction 
and some more details about the network configuration of the host.

best Alex

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