[lxc-users] CirrOS on OpenStack using LXD as a hypervisor

Serge E. Hallyn serge at hallyn.com
Tue Jul 19 12:38:52 UTC 2016

Quoting Muneeb Ahmad (muneeb.gandapur at gmail.com):
> Hi guys,
> First of all I greatly appreciate the work you guys have been doing.
> My question is about CirrOS. I have deployed OpenStack with nova-lxd
> through devstack. Is there any way I can run CirrOS on it as far as I read,
> it's not available for LXD yet. Any help?

Odd, that surprises me, I thought images.linuxcontainers.org had that.  But,
you create a lxc cirros container, create a dummy lxd container, copy the
lxc rootfs over into it, then (once verified everything is working) publish
that lxd container as a new image that you can launch containers from.  It's
a hastle, but only the first time.

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