[lxc-users] no ping between host and lxc container

Mateusz Korniak mateusz-lists at ant.gliwice.pl
Tue Dec 20 14:20:55 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 20 of December 2016 18:06:38 Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> > How do you setup IP# for container?
> (...) by default there's no way to
> set (and restrict) IP address from the host side.

It's a pity. [1].

Perhaps, any idea how one get LXC config
  lxc.network.ipv4.gateway = auto
equivalent in LXD?

BTW, what lxc/lxd versions you are using, as in my case network devices are 
visible only by:
  lxc config show --expanded 
not by simple:
  lxc config show
as looks in your case ...

I am confused though, as many tutorials claim that:
  lxc config device set CONT DEV  ipv4.address  10.x.y.z 
should work :/

TIA, regards,

Mateusz Korniak
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