[lxc-users] no ping between host and lxc container

Mateusz Korniak mateusz-lists at ant.gliwice.pl
Tue Dec 20 10:48:53 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 20 of December 2016 17:04:08 Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> What I did in my host, is create a macvlan interface for the host, and move
> host's eth0 IP address there.
> (...)
> ### from "lxc config show container_name"
> devices:
>   eth0:
>     name: eth0
>     nictype: macvlan
>     parent: eth0
>     type: nic
> So I use host eth0 (now without IP, as its ip is moved to v-0, which is a
> macvlan interface) as "parent" in lxd (this should be "lxc.network.link" in
> lxc). If you have problems with flockport's guide, try my setup.

Are you able to set MAC address for lxc container?
How do you setup IP# for container?

TIA, regards,

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