[lxc-users] Strange freezes with btrfs backend

Pierce Ng pierce at samadhiweb.com
Sat Dec 3 04:30:53 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm running LXD on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS with ~1GB RAM. My setup uses a disk image
file, running on the default ext4 base filesystem, as the btrfs backend. The
server runs four containers, of which only one is on the high side of lightly

I'm getting random freezes such that all containers err, although the host OS
continues running. When I reboot, the server gets stuck at the boot prompt
requiring a manual fsck to get going.

Anyone seeing this? 

Should I switch to ZFS? Is it sensible to run ZFS on a 1GB RAM VPS?
Realistically, I'll be using ZFS in the same manner - via a disk image file.
Is this a stupid idea?


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