[lxc-users] Using docker *and* nfs in lxd?

Serge Hallyn serge.hallyn at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 29 18:11:49 UTC 2016

Quoting Dan Kegel (dank at kegel.com):
> So lxc is a better choice than lxd when you want to export nfs
> filesystems from a container,

Not really, you can just lxc config set docker security.nesting true

> but the real answer is "don't do that"?

I think so.  I might be a few years behind, but the last time
someone tried to make it work in the kernel they ran into trouble.

> I might be able to split the nfs serving part out of this app, but
> it's not a great sign that right out of the gate I'm hitting a leaky
> abstraction.

Well it's possible that (a) I'm wrong and actually you can serve
nfs from a container ok these days, or (b) we can design a channel
between the container and an nfs kernel server on the host.

> The app also needs good OpenGL, and that's probably the next roadblock
> I'll be running into.

Cool.  OpenGL's been mentioned here not too long ago, I think you should
be able to find a config that works in the archives.


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