[lxc-users] Network isolation in unprivileged containers

Benoit GEORGELIN - Association Web4all benoit.georgelin at web4all.fr
Tue Oct 20 13:16:44 UTC 2015

I'm using an openvswith to provide network isolation/rules. 

- Containers cannot change their own IP or MAC address. They will not receive any traffic anymore. 
- I'm also able to manage network queue and limit traffic 

Here is what I shared some time ago on that talk ( https://www.mail-archive.com/lxc-users@lists.linuxcontainers.org/msg03609.html ) 

This is finally what I did with openvswitch : 

ovs-ofctl del- flow s vswitch-vps 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_GW ip actions=NORMAL" 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_GW arp actions=NORMAL" 

# default drop communication with HOST_A 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_HOST_A priority=38000 idle_timeout=0 action=drop" 

# default drop communication with HOST_B 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_HOST_B priority=38000 idle_timeout=0 action=drop" 

# Allow GW communication + Hypervisor 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_GW priority=39000 dl_type=0x0800 nw_src=IP_GW dl_src= MAC_GW idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_GW priority=38500 dl_type=0x0806 dl_src=MAC_GW idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 

# Allow HOST A 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port=PORT_HOST_A priority=38400 dl_type=0x0800 nw_src= IP_HOST_A dl_src= MAC_HOST_A idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port= PORT_HOST_A priority=38300 dl_type=0x0806 dl_src=MAC_HOST_A idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 

# Allow HOST B 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port= PORT_HOST_B priority=38400 dl_type=0x0800 nw_src=IP_HOST_B dl_src=MAC_HOST_B idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 
ovs-ofctl add- flow vswitch-vps "in_port= PORT_HOST_A priority=38300 dl_type=0x0806 dl_src=MAC_HOST_B idle_timeout=0 action=normal" 

To find port numbers: 

ovs-ofctl show BRIDGE 

I did a small video about how I can deploy an LXC container (unprivileged) including network configuration. 


I'm working to make a better integrated solution and I'll share that on github. 



Benoît Georgelin 

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On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 6:11 PM, Akshay Karle < akshay.a.karle at gmail.com > wrote: 

It would help to know, what level of isolation you're thinking about? 
What is the final end goal? 

I'm currently looking at ways to prevent any container from having the ability to discover other containers in the network and sniff their packets sent, which if sent over an unencrypted protocol (http for example) might be harmful as it could expose data. 


"Discover" and "sniff other container's packets" are two different things. 

For example, on a routed setup where each container gets a /32 address, they can still ping each other (thus discovering the others exist), but they can't sniff traffic other than their own 


I'm now considering setting up iptable rules on the host to achieve this but don't have much experience with iptables so will do my research now to see what is needed to setup the right iptable rules. 


You mentioned you tried creating bridges for each container? 

Combine that with direct /32 routing and proxyarp, and you pretty much confine each container to their own /32 address space. They will not be able to sniff other containers traffic. They won't even be able to use another IP address other than the one assigned to them. 

I believe there was also similar-resultng technique with openvswitch(?) discussed some time ago on this list. Perhaps you can find it on the list archives, I don't have the link handy right now. 


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