[lxc-users] Raw socket works not right in lxc

sanyechong12 at live.com sanyechong12 at live.com
Wed Oct 14 09:25:01 UTC 2015

I use raw socket to send an ip packet and fill the source ip I use tcpdump to capture it:
 15:01:29.385061 IP > VRRPv4, unknown type (9)
It works well.

But when I setns to a lxc and also send the packet:
15:03:41.724126 IP > VRRPv4, unknown type (9)
The source ip of the packet changed to "" which is the ip of the interface. Seems like the IP_HDRINCL option not working, but the protocol is working.

Is there any method to make the source ip right?

Forgive my bad english.
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sanyechong12 at live.com 
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