[lxc-users] Using LXC as a live-cd live-usb possible?

Brian Allen Vanderburg II brianvanderburg2 at aim.com
Thu Oct 15 05:02:53 UTC 2015

This is just a crazy idea I was wondering about in the progress of
determining how best to set up an easily customizable and changeable USB
bootable installation that itself would be booted from a Grub2 multiboot
setup.  I already have a custom multi-boot USB drive I've created for
various things currently set to boot System Rescue CD, Tiny Core,
memdisk, some diagnostics for work, etc, and I would plan on adding it
to that and simply creating entries in the grub configuration file.

Trying to create something from scratch seems like it may be tedious. 
The nice thing about LXC is the templates are already available, easy to
install and customize, an "installation" only consists of the software
aspects which are booted by LXC, no need for hardware, modules, etc from
within the container. I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a
live-usb version of LXC, which would consist of a kernel, an initramdisk
containing various modules and LXC itself, and parameters passed by the
bootloader to mount the host file system (the USB drive), and from
within that load one or more lxc instances from a specific directory or
from nested squashfs compressed systems.

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