[lxc-users] Container starts on incorrect runlevel

Davide Baldini baldiniebaldini at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 14:18:37 UTC 2015

Thanks Fajar,

yes, Debian installed from a template correctly starts on runlevel 2, the 
default for Debian.

Since mine starts on "S" instead, a simple workaround could be to symlink 
/etc/rcS.d to /etc/rc2.d or, better, just issue "init 2" from an hypothetical 
rcS.d script. However, I prefer to keep the root tree as default as possible for 
portability over other hypervisors and simplicity.

Do you know if there's any way to let lxc-start specify a runlevel parameter for 
/sbin/init before booting? The same way as a bootloader would allow the user to 
specify it, along with other boot parameters.

-- Davide

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