[lxc-users] newbie question, lxd launch without start container

Yonsy Solis yonsy.s.p at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 15:09:22 UTC 2015

This is a question, and i don't find answers now, searching in internet 
:/ (weird thing)

I need to launch a container in lxd, but without start the container, 
yes, I can launch a new one from one image now with:

lxc launch Image container1

and this works, good, but this one starts container1 automatically, so, 
exist any other command that create container1 from Image without 
starting this one ? I am doing one prototype script now, create the 
container from image and starts this one, but, in the future, 
container1 will be stopped:

My idea, in script:

1. Create container from Image, without launching this
2. start container (lxc start ...)

yes i can code exceptions now with "lxc launch", but if i can do (1), 
the exception condition will be more simple.

Yonsy Solis

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