[lxc-users] LXC Unprivileged Containers Over NFS

Nicholas J Ingrassellino nick at lifebloodnetworks.com
Mon Oct 5 14:53:44 UTC 2015

I am running a Ubuntu 14.04 host with LXC v1.1.3. On it I have mounted 
an NFS export at /home/[user]/.local/share/lxc/.

When I cd into the mount I can create files and directories. I can chown 
to change the ownership on them. I can delete them. However when I do 
lxc-create I get:
newgidmap: write to gid_map failed: Invalid argument
error mapping child
setgid: Invalid argument
lxc-create: lxccontainer.c: do_create_container_dir: 875 Failed to chown 
container dir
lxc-create: lxc_create.c: main: 274 Error creating container [container 

I see LXC created a directory for the container but it is empty. 
lxc-create works file if I unmount the export and use the local filesystem.

How can I keep my unprivileged on an NFS mount?

Nicholas J Ingrassellino <mailto:nick at lifebloodnetworks.com>
LifebloodNetworks.com <http://www.lifebloodnetworks.com/>

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