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Nicholas J Ingrassellino nick at lifebloodnetworks.com
Fri Oct 2 19:03:35 UTC 2015

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04.3. On it (from the 
/ubuntu-lxc/stable/ PPA) I have installed LXC. In my 
//etc/network/interfaces/ I have setup:

    /auto lo/
    /iface lo inet loopback/

    /auto em1/
    /iface em1 inet manual/

    /auto lxcbr0/
    /iface lxcbr0 inet static/
    /    address
    /    netmask
    /    gateway
    /    dns-nameservers
    /    bridge_ports em1/

/lxcbr0/ shows up in /ifconfig/ however it always has the IP of 
/ This happens despite the fact I have configured a static IP 

Not sure where to turn from here. I am following my own tutorial 
<http://blog.lifebloodnetworks.com/?p=2118> which I have used many times 
in the past to setup an LXC host. Why it does not work this time I have 
no idea...

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