[lxc-users] lxc 1.0.6 / lvm / snapshot and clone

Marco foobar.angus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 17:26:25 UTC 2015

I've some questions for which I couldn't find good answers online and I'd
like your suggestions.

OS: Linux/Debian 8 Jessie
LXC: 1.0.6-6
Backing store: LVM

It seems that snapshot clones cannot be done online :
"lxc-clone -s"  require the original container to be stopped!
i.e. : << lxc_container: error: Original container (lxc1) is running >>
It actually works when I lxc-stop the container.
==>This means I cannot do a snapshot of a live container.
Does this depends on LVM or the same apply for btrfs and zfs?
BTW, all the online examples I've found regarding "lxc-clone -s" seems to
assume online clone snapshotting !

==>What is the difference between "lxc-clone -s" and "lxc-snapshot" ?
In any case:
lxc-snapshot _doesn't_ work at all (in my configuration)
i.e. :

> root at deb:~# lxc-snapshot -n lxc1 -o /tmp/mylog
> lxc-snapshot: lxc1's backing store cannot be backed up.
> lxc-snapshot: Your container must use another backing store type.
> lxc-snapshot: Error creating a snapshot

==>Again, is it a problem of LVM backing store ?
And, can I change the working directory of lxc-snapshot at runtime?

If you have any reference to online resource on this subject (lvm/lxc) is
welcome :)

-- Marco
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