[lxc-users] Am I missing something?

Chris Kloiber ckloiber at Cedardoc.com
Mon Sep 22 14:43:15 UTC 2014

Trying to wrap my mind around the lxc networking. I need to configure each container with it’s own static IP on the same subnet as the host. I think that requires a “macvlan/bridge” setup like this:

lxc.network.type = macvlan

lxc.network.macvlan.mode = bridge

lxc.network.flags = up

lxc.network.link = br0

lxc.network.ipv4 =

lxc.network.ipv4.gateway =

lxc-network.name = eth0

lxc.network.mtu = 1500

lxc.network.hwaddr= 00:16:3e:97:81:42

But this goes nowhere. The host does have a properly configured br0 device (this is an ol6 system, btw) and net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 Is enabled. The host iptables are disabled.

I’ve been beating my head against this for a week now. Please help, or tell me what other information I can provide. Thank you.

Chris Kloiber
CEDAR Document Technologies
One Ravinia Drive, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30346
1(404)436-2470 (office)
1(678)512-9636 (cell)

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