[lxc-users] Containers seem to cannot spawn new processes

Jäkel, Guido G.Jaekel at dnb.de
Mon Sep 22 08:33:19 UTC 2014

Dear all,

during some private chat communication with Lukas it turns out, that (at least) the limit for the number of file handles per user (ulimit -n) was much too low for real world usecases . It was set at 1024 for all user, as well on the host as on the containers. I advise him to adjust  nofiles  at  /etc/security/limits.conf  for the containers and choose an appropriate higher value on the host.

@Dev: If there's a caveat section in the man pages, this might be worth to mention. Maybe even  lxc-checkconfig  should display the current limit and might warn about real low values like this.



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>I'm still experiencing problems running lxc containers on my debian host.
>They stop working randomly. Sometimes they will work for days and weeks and sometimes they stop working after 10
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