[lxc-users] Thrilled to announce the the launch of Flockport.com to    this list

Vit Ry frodox at zoho.com
Mon Sep 15 12:56:58 UTC 2014

>    Hi LXC users,
> I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Flockport.com to this list, its home so to speak.

That's really cool! :)

Thank you for this article: http://www.flockport.com/lxc-vs-docker/
It answers my old questions about LXC vs Docker.

Also, it looks like there are a typo...
Part "Docker approach to containers"
First section, Layered containers

- Docker users AUFS/devicemapper/btrfs to build containers
+ Docker uses AUFS/devicemapper/btrfs to build containers


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