[lxc-users] Thrilled to announce the the launch of Flockport.com to this list

Tobby Banerjee tobby at flockport.com
Tue Sep 9 19:49:58 UTC 2014

 Hi LXC users,

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of Flockport.com to this
list, its home so to speak.

Flockport.com was created to let users discover, download and share
portable and easy to use Linux containers (LXC) that can be deployed in

Flockport hosts an LXC repo for Debian Wheezy that provides all the
features of LXC out of the box - yah! like in Ubuntu. Flockport also
provides a Flockport utility to let users view and download Flockport
containers directly to their systems.

At launch Flockport.com provides over 50 containers
<http://www.flockport.com/containers> of some of the most popular web

There is a significant information gap on LXC in the marketplace that
Flockport hopes to address.

Flockport wants to make containers accessible to a much wider audience and
articulate and provide a broader use of containers as lightweight, portable
and extremely fast alternative to virtualization.

We have comprehensive documentation on setting up and using LXC
We would absolutely love your feedback and thoughts. Thanks Stephane and
Serge for the fantastic blog posts! and Dr Rami Rosen for the wonderful LXC

We have also put up an indepth piece on the key difference between LXC and
Docker and would love for you to weigh in.

Introduction to Flockport <http://www.flockport.com>

Flockport containers <http://www.flockport.com/containers>

Flockport LXC getting started guide <http://www.flockport.com/lxc-guide/>

Understanding the key differences between LXC and Docker

I am happy to follow up with any information. I would like to thank
Stephane and Serge for making this possible and giving us a wonderful

Thank you for reading.



*About Flockport*
Flockport.com is a hub to download and share LXC containers. Flockport
provides web stacks and applications in containers that can be deployed in
any LXC environment in a simple, predictable and easy way. Flockport is a
start up based in Mumbai founded by Indrajit Banerjee. Indrajit has over 14
years experience in enterprise software marketing and has previously headed
the India marketing operations of Savvion, Progress Software and Redhat.
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